I have a secret admirer!

I have just received a bottle of Chivas Regal scotch whisky, which I shall drink with great enjoyment, but there was nothing on or inside the packaging to say who it was from. Therefore, I can’t [...]

Making Tax Digital

HMRC are proceeding with their plans to digitise tax administration. We believe that they will further develop their systems so that, when a VAT return is submitted online, they will interrogate [...]

Virtual Help

Virtual Assistance – Practical help out of admin tangles The country appears to be making its way back to something like normal life after Covid. Some of us reading this may be, or soon [...]

Euro Team

Employing staff from elsewhere in Europe For some years now, it has been the legal responsibility of all employers to verify that all their employees have the legal right to work in the United [...]

Welcome Luigi

Luigi is our newest addition to the team, he is eager to continue his studies and achieve accounting qualifications within the firm. He has had a keen interest in sport since he was a child; as [...]

Aid analysis

Self-employment income support scheme This is meant to cover people whose main income is self-employment, including partners in partnerships. The Government has promised that, if you appear to [...]

Reading the rates

The government have announced a business rates holiday for business ratepayers in the hotel, tourism and leisure businesses.   Business ratepayers in all business sectors who qualify for [...]

Breaking down the budget

During the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt stated in his Inauguration Speech in 1933, “the only thing you have to fear is fear itself”.   Fear The official response to a [...]

Contract consideration

As you will know, for some time it has been the case that if you are doing work for somebody through your Limited Company, and the terms and conditions of the work are such that it would be [...]

Charities we support

J Richard Hildebrand & Co  Accountants are sponsoring the charities The Royal British Legion and Movember.   The Royal British Legion provides care and support to ex-service personnel [...]

A story for Halloween

You would not normally expect an Accountant’s website to contain a ghost story. What follows below happened over 20 years ago when I was working with Rick Hildebrand. At the time, we had a client [...]

Short-term tenancies

Not so long ago, one of my clients was trying to buy a flat and the sale fell through.  She then had to find temporary accommodation to rent for a few months whilst looking for somewhere else to [...]

QuickBooks training

All you wanted to know about online software but were afraid to ask. We are here to successfully help you through your growth so you can have a sunny future. We are always looking for ways to [...]

Overseas Tax

  I am taking a quick break from my series of postings on cars and companies for a word on overseas tax. We have a number of French speaking clients.  I have taken calls from a few of them [...]

The fallout from Carillion

  There has been quite a bit of comment and speculation over the role of the Auditors in the collapse of Carillion and indeed another recent corporate failures.  What follows below are my [...]

Software training

  The Banks have started offering free online software to their customers.  For example, Nat West (owned by The Royal Bank of Scotland) is offering its new customers Free Agent software for [...]

Congratulations, Yuri!

Yuri Mancoca, our Accountant QBO Pro Adviser, is now a QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisor! To attain this level of QuickBooks Online knowledge marks him out as ‘the best of the [...]

Data protection and privacy

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulations, we are setting out below our policy concerning personal data for your information:   PRIVACY POLICY All client data is kept strictly [...]

Employers: take note

  WORKPLACE PENSION SCHEMES From April 2018, there are changes to workplace pension schemes which have to be put into effect to comply with the law. At present, employers and employees pay 1 [...]

Strength in numbers

We have recently found a useful source of business contacts from which you may benefit. It was suggested to us by the telephone engineer who put in our new telephones and intercom. It is called [...]

Congratulations, Deborah!

We are also delighted to announce that our staff member Deborah has now passed her advanced Quick Books examination and her Free Agent examination. Free Agent have confirmed that we may now call [...]

We are a Free Agent Partner

We are delighted to announce that, as of February 2018, we have achieved Free Agent Partner status. You may, if you’ve just started out in business, have been offered Free Agent software for free [...]

Never stop giving

I am very concerned about what I see in the media about charities like Oxfam. I am not going to stop watching movies because of Harvey Weinstein. Similarly, I am not going to stop giving to [...]

Other matters

  This blog is based on points from the Chancellor’s 2017 Budget.   • Next April, the annual personal allowance will be raised to £11,850.  A personal allowance is the amount of money [...]

Capital Gains Tax

This blog is based on points from the Chancellor’s 2017 Budget.   From April 2019 (once again, from more or less the day after we are scheduled to leave the EU) all non-resident individuals [...]


This blog is based on points from the Chancellor’s 2017 Budget.   The VAT registration threshold is £85,000 per annum and will be for the next two years.  Once again, the Government is [...]


This blog is based on points from the Chancellor’s 2017 Budget.   The Government have said that there will be no action on IR35 other than that which has already been taken, but they intend [...]

Making tax digital

This blog is based on points from the Chancellor’s 2017 Budget.   Firstly, there is no mention in the Budget about “making tax digital”.  We must therefore assume unless told otherwise that [...]

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