Enterprise Investment Scheme

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This blog is based on points from the Chancellor’s 2017 Budget.


The Government will double the annual allowance for people investing in knowledge intensive Companies through the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

Enterprise Investment Scheme Investments attract tax relief because the Government wants to incentivise lending to small businesses.  They are risky investments but if you are prepared to risk your money and have and detailed knowledge of what you are investing in, they can be quite a useful tax planning tool.


Action Point:

If you have spare funds to invest and are considering various investment strategies, we will be delighted to discuss with you the options that may be available.  What we unfortunately cannot do is recommend one particular investment over another, because we are not IFAs.  We do however have a professional relationship with a Chartered Financial Planner who is local to us, and if you feel that a meeting with both us and the Financial Planner would be advantageous then we would be glad to organise it.

Please obtain specific advice from ourselves if in doubt. No responsibility is taken for any act or omission on your part on reading this without further advice.

– By Stephen Handley, FCCA

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